Bulletin Board

Nonprofit messages, community service notices, and public announcements can be submitted and displayed on Access Tuolumne cable channel 8 and online. The fee is $15 per week.

Who may post listings?
The bulletin board exists for nonprofit and/or community service organizations that reside in Tuolumne County. Announcements may include charitable events/benefits.

What type of listing may not be posted?
Material containing direct appeal for contributions of funds, support or other property of value, information concerning a lottery or games of chance, matter intended to defraud the viewer, matter which invades the privacy of a private citizen, reference to any commercial business, service or product or promotion of the sale of products or services, with the exception of sponsorship as defined by Access Tuolumne’s Operating Policies. Obscene, libelous or slanderous matter as defined by law is prohibited.

Bulletin Board submission
Dates the announcements should appear on the air
Please enter the announcement for your event exactly as you would like it to appear. Ideal announcements should contain a headline and 2-3 lines of text including location and event details. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length, style, or content before they appear on air.

Bulletin Board announcement

One week